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Fast Acting, 
Long Lasting

The Fastest Path to Getting Married And Staying Married For Life! 

with Rabbi Manis Friedman
A Live, Online workshop: 4 Part Series on 6/5, 6/6, 6/7 and 6/8 | 9pm EST
Receive a free copy of Rabbi Friedman’s new book, Fast Acting, Long Lasting just for attending. 
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Hello, this is 
Rabbi Manis Friedman,

Right now, I want to invite you to a special event in celebration of my new book Fast Acting Long Lasting.

Fast Acting, Long Lasting is my new book that will take you on the fastest, easiest path to getting married—and staying married for life. And while you could just purchase a copy of my book to learn about a loving, committed marriage that lasts forever... 

Something tells me you want more than to just “learn” about marriage… Because you and I both know that a loving, committed marriage is the essence of a life well-lived…

A life beaming with purpose, meaning, and consequence.
Which means you’re not just in this to read a book, as good as it is. You want results, now.

I’m talking about dating your soulmate, popping the question… and getting married, now. So just reading a book and putting it back on your shelf isn’t really an option.

Because once that book finds its way back to your shelf, you’ll be on your own.
Unless of course, you join my 4-part Fast Acting, Long Lasting LIVE event…

At this special online event, I’m going to show you how to implement everything from Fast Acting, Long Lasting so that you get results NOW.

Plus, you’ll receive a free copy of Fast Acting, Long Lasting just for attending…

Here’s a taste of what we’ll cover in 4 jam-packed days:

1.  Marriage Readiness 101

a. How To Know When You’re Ready To Get Married

2. Picture the Life You Want to Live

a. The Foundation To A Healthy Relationship
​b. How To Create A “Relationship Vision”

3. The Magic List

a. What NEVER To Do When Looking For A Partner
​b. How To Develop Clarity On What You Really Want

4. No Need to Worry

a. Why You Don’t Need To Worry About Divorce

5. Why You Can’t Lose Your Soulmate

​a. Discover The Soulmate Secret

6. The Question That Changes Everything

a. The Most Important Question To Ask Yourself When Dating

1. What Is “Good Chemistry”?

a. How To Decide If You Have “Good Chemistry”

2. ​The Key to Safe, Sane, and Constructive Dating

a. How To Enjoy The Dating Process

3. ​Toxic Idea: Maybe I’ll Never Get Married

a. ​The One “Toxic Idea” You Must Avoid

4. ​​Shidduch Crisis: Myth or Fact?

a. The Counterintuitive Truth About The “Shidduch Crisis”

5. ​​Does the Shadchan System Still Work?

a. ​Discover The #1 Matchmaker In The World

6. ​​​The Art of Optimism

a. The Art Of Developing an Attractive Mindset​

1. What Will My Friends Think?

a. How To Deal With Pushy Friends & Family

2. Am I Being Too Picky?

a. ​How To Tell If You’re Being Too Picky

3. How to Prevent Dating Suicide

a. The Wisdom Of The Jewish Ancient Dating System

4. The Golden Rule in Dating

a. Follow This One “Golden Rule” In Dating To Find A Great Match

5. Is This It? How to Know If She’s the One

a. How To Decide If You’re Dating “The One”

6. The Secret to Praying for Your Shidduch

a. The Secret To Praying For Your Match

7. Fast Track to Your Bashert?

a. How To “Fast Track” Finding Your Partner For Life

8. Bonus: The Three-Word Marriage Guidebook


This is your chance to ask me, Rabbi Manis Friedman, ANYTHING from the 4-day workshop.
So no matter where on the path to marriage you are, 
I’ll be there to help you every step of the way…
Which means the power is truly in your hands to change your life forever…
To find your “bashert,” or soulmate, for eternal life…
To raise children with G-dly values…
And to share it all in a beautiful, loving, committed marriage.
If that’s what you want, then go ahead and click here to register for the Fast Acting, Long Lasting LIVE workshop:

But if for whatever reason, you’re still on the fence…

Then I’d like to make this the easiest decision you’ve ever made in your life.
If you sign up for Fast Acting, Long Lasting LIVE right now, then I’m going to include a few more invaluable bits of wisdom that you can’t live without:
First, you’ll receive a FREE copy of my new book, Fast Acting, Long Lasting.
With the power of the Fast Acting, Long Lasting book, the LIVE workshop, and of course with heavenly assistance from G-d… nothing can stop you.

See what people are saying about 
Rabbi Manis Friedman

"I have battled through many life and health challenges, and I have to say without a doubt, Rabbi Friedman helped me overcome anything and everything thrown at me.  His wisdom has literally saved my life. The Rabbi has helped shape me into the human I knew I could be, but needed help becoming."

North Carolina
"Rabbi Friedman, your teachings, your charisma, and the sometimes-uncomfortable homework have been priceless to the growth in my life, relationships, work and family.  I can't thank you enough!"

Los Angeles
"Rabbi Friedman has a way of capturing your attention.  His way of teaching is clear and simple and he gives you the tools you need for self-discovery.  You can't help but begin to understand yourself more clearly.  I am forever grateful to Rabbi Friedman as my experiences and knowledge from the programs have allowed me to make positive changes in my life."

United Kingdom

Your soulmate is waiting for you…

4-Part online workshop happening on:
6/5, 6/6, 6/7 and 6/8 | 9pm EST
$197 includes:
4-part Fast Acting, Long Lasting LIVE workshop
  • Day 1 - Monday, June 5th: Marriage readiness
  • Day 2 - Tuesday, June 6th: Dating with purpose
  • ​Day 3 - Wednesday, June 7th: How to know if he/she’s “the one”
  • ​Day 4 - Thursday, June 8th: Q & A with Rabbi Friedman
FREE copy of Fast Acting, Long Lasting book, shipped directly to your door (arrives in 2-3 business days)

Dating Tips E-Book

Use this supplemental guide as a reference manual to quickly and easily access real life tips to help you in your dating journey.

 Intimacy For Men & Women Video Course

Discover the secrets of the "Successful Marriage Operating System" and reset your perspective on what it means to be married.

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Rabbi Manis Friedman

When you register for Fast Acting, Long Lasting LIVE, you are entered in a chance to win a private, 1:1 coaching session with Rabbi Manis Friedman.

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